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You know..

I can not agree with you more.. I had the same thing growing up. You walked 2 or more blocks to the stop. You fought and acted stupid in some strangers yard..if it rained you stood on the strangers porch you were in front of.. randomly rang the door bell and hope they wouldn't answer..hahaha. And I am a normal, working, tax paying citizen.
Kids are coddled and taught that they are privileged and entitled to EVERYTHING.
I am sure some brat kid acted stupid and caused the driver to turn around. In my day we pulled over and sat for an hour (hot as h#ll spring days) waiting for the moron causing trouble to shut the heck up and let the bus start moving.
My mom never questioned why I was home late and when she did ask I'd say why she'd ask if I was involved.(Making sure like a good parent she didn't need to beat my butt)She wouldn't call the school and b#tch.

Parents stop coddling the kids and stop calling the media to air stuff that ain't news!!!!


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