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WoW! You're a big, tough guy aren'tcha?

You evidently don't read much news these days. 13 year old "children" murder thier parents with baseball bats and hammers these days. 13 year old "children" drink alcohol and do drugs these days. 13 year old "children" are out having sex and birthing babies these days. 13 year old "children" stay out all night breaking into cars and houses stealing things these days. 13 year old "children" commit murder and smile about it.

Believe me, there a lot of 13 year old "children" that NEED the crap slapped out of them! I hope it's not one of yours, but if it is and if it happens, don't automatically assume a jury will take their side! This is a different world we live in today. It's not that unlikey that a 13 year old "child" will put a 9mm in your face.


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