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I have made every effort to maintain accuracy in my accounting of the events. I have made everyone aware that there is GPS tracking on the buses and stated that in the interview. I however had no control over how much of the information I provided to WWAY would be included in their coverage.
If my accounting of the events is incorrect I welcome any clarification you could provide since all I received from the Director of Human Resources was various references to privacy laws and regulations preventing her from giving me any details about what occurred on the bus and how it was handled other than to say that the bus driver was suspended with pay, received additional training and must be given the opportunity to correct his mistakes.
The Superintendent still has not returned my phone call, neither has the director of transportation. No one other than the human resources director was in the office Thursday when I drove to the BOE to speak with someone. The only people that I have been able to maintain contact with, have been the principal, and assistant principal at SBMS and they have handled my concerns to the best of their ability so far as the BOE allows them to. If you would like accuracy to be a priority you first must provide access to the information necessary to achieve it.
Yes, we were able to speak with someone once the bus was back on the lot at the school. We were one of the parents on the cell phone but it still does not excuse the fact that we had to wait for someone to arrive in person to get any information.
I have asked two school district employees if they would be comfortable with their children riding this bus, one said he would not answer that question as an employee of the school, the other stumbled all over herself stuttering and would only say she thought the bus driver did not intend any malice. I have yet to find someone who would say yes they would be comfortable with their children being on this bus. Would you care to be the first?
I also notice that you did not address any procedure regarding unauthorized people being on the bus. Since we are aiming at accuracy, exactly what are the specific consequences regarding infractions committed by bus drivers? They are laid out on paper and sent home at the beginning of every year for the students. I would like to see a copy for the bus drivers.
Lastly, your response is very similar to the last response made regarding a bus incident. If the margin for error is zero, why is it that this was ever allowed to happen? Why was it not treated as a serious situation? Why was the bus driver re-instated, why was he paid while on suspension?

Leigh Ann Collins


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