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I agree with you!

While reading the former post, I was thinking the same exact thing, 321.

I would also bet that this individual voted for Obama, who spent his youth at Ivy League colleges like Harvard, while American Citizens paid for his FREE RIDE. We all know Barry's hippie single mom and his estranged Kenyan father didn't pay for it.

The blogger must not have been aware that Obama then purposely graduated to the likes of the Chicago Machine and other so-called elite (albeit Communist) circles and, then, as we all know, aspired to become President so that he could PLAY GOLF all day, when he wasn't ruining our Country, bowing to the likes of Hugo Chavez, or giving billions of our dollars away to absolute scams in green energy, WHAT A CRIME!
However, maybe the blogger equates the lack of leadership in the White House with ALL GOLFERS, who live in big houses.


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