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For those who don't support us.....

Look at the state of our country. Most of you are content to sit behind your computer screens and judge what you don't understand. Do you even know the demands of these protesters besides "to stop greedy corporations"? Have you talked to them in the streets? Have you ever even BEEN to one of these protests or rallies as an observer? Have you ever been to one of the recent large scale marches in NYC, DC, LA, Detroit, or Philly? The answer is probably a resounding no. People fear what they don't understand, and as to be expected fear and ignorance appears on the internet. You don't like us despite that fact we are defending your constitutional rights? Despite the fact that we are trying to reinstate the power of a document that has only been used as toilet paper by our establishment in recent history? Despite the fact that we offer VIABLE ALTERNATIVES to sliding into another depression? Sure some of us may dress different then you, or smell bad, or carry a megaphone while wearing an American Flag shirt, but the fact we can do all these things is part of the beauty of free speech. Love us, hate us, join us, or be indifferent. Just don't ever expect to beat us. This is not a localized movement this is global. This is not a revolution; it is an evolution. Of human consciousness, of mind body and soul as well as our political and economic systems. Either sit idly by or spew hateful criticism like the majority of the MSG injected Sheeple, or join the masses and demand changes from a corrupt and terrible governmental system. A system who are our SERVANTS not RULERS, Love us hate us or join us, just don't ever expect to beat us. The evolution is on. :)


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