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The whole point of this is

The whole point of this is to bring political discussion to the streets and get people involved, opposed to being disenfranchised to the system. Everyone used to complain how my generation was "lazy", now they complain were "socialists" when were politically active. We all have differing opinions and we are not one unified voice against corporatism or capitalism. Some of us protesters love the very things other members of our group hate. That is the beauty of it: we are not centered on one issue, we are multifaceted, possess multiple different opinions and belief, and this makes our movement unlike other movements with a singular objective (ie end the war in Vietnam, million man march etc). This is exactly why you should join us. You have differing opinions, some of you support capitalism, some of you support the wars, some of us don't. Bring your voice to the street, don't hide it behind a screen and be indifferent to the change occurring in the World right now. We as a species are on the threshold of something big. Might as well participate and try, opposed to being indifferent and cynical.


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