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Here is what I can tell from witnessing Occupy first hand:

As people who are familiar with movement know, Occupy is a work in progress. Trying to label, call names,etc...only will take away your own credibility and ability to discuss ways to better our country. I believe all of us feel like we are in a spectator democracy...we cast ballots but once the election is over, politicians cease to listen to the people they represent. They listen to peers, donations, PACs, employers and most importantly, lobbyists. My belief is that my community and I should have the same voice as a lobbyist for GE, BP, IBM, Goldman Sachs, etc. This is not reality however. This is not a left or right issue. This is the frustration of an entire country that the political voice with the most $$ behind it, gets things done. If BP wants a particular tax break that will save them $1B in 2011, they hire a team of slick K street lobbyists (usually ex-politicians) at $1M/yr and have them HOUND every member of Congress until that bill is up for a vote. Promise jobs and prosperity with that $1B, get the parties behind you, sell, sell, sell until that bill is passed. You just made a HUGE return on investment without accountability to fulfill your promise. Repeat this scenario with every industry in America (energy, food, drugs, healthcare,real estate, etc)... play the political game and you can make/save millions/billions. The only way this reality works is because we have permitted our President/Senate/House/State/County/City to be on sale to the highest bidder.

This is the problem. And it WILL be changed by the efforts of people who could give a sh%t about left, right, socialism, tea parties, huffpost, foxnews, obamacare, fastandfurious, holder, pelosi, and (insert left or right media play of the week). They are not addicted to the game unlike most of us on this forum. They are out working and connecting with people in our community. These are the sort of people I've met at Occupy. I highly suggest checking it out for yourself.


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