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Let's try not to stereotype

There are certainly contingents of the OWS and its allies that are questionable to say the least. The ones who could use a shower, who vandalize properties and who smash statues of the Virgin Mary in the streets of Rome. I have nothing but scorn for these people and would be glad to see the fire-hoses turned on them. Now, with that established, I do not think it is helpful to stereotype everyone involved in this movement. I think there are a lot of people of good will in America and abroad who are genuinely frustrated. They worked hard and played by the rules and have gotten in turn screwed over by bankers and corporations who played fast and loose with the economy. So can we be a little more particular and less general here? I would urge the OWS movement to narrow its focus and resist the urge to engage in anti-capitalist diatribes and naive ideas about open borders. I would urge those who are skeptical of OWS to acknowledge that our system is not working, the status quo is not acceptable, and that we should not be afraid of reforming capitalism in the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan (Trust-busting, ending monopolies, regulations).


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