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Ok OWS Do you really want to end the corruption

Its very simple if you are dead serious abotu stopping the corruption then you have to campaign for, support and vote for Herman Cain. The root cause of the corruption that you find so wretched and horrible which infests DC is caused indeed by the leechs in K Street in DC. So how do you do that.. You have to destroy the US Tax Code complete implode it and start over.. With either the 9-9-9 plan or the Fairtax because thats the ONLY Way you will EVER root out the corruption and tax breaks and set asides that are handed out in DC. What you cant support a Republican because its all their fault?? You better look closer to the facts.. The Democrats are much more corrupt in parsing out set asides and tax breaks for their buddies then the Republicans but irregardless only Herman Cain has proposed the elixer to fix this ailing country to fix the tax system. Oh I forgot you'd be pissed because youd once again feel the rich arent paying their fair share No their paying the same percent as everybodyelse is (including many who dont pay Now!!!) There would be no Billion dollar freebies for GE and their CEO Geoffery Immelt. EVERYBODY would contribute to the tax base even those who work under the table because they would still have to pay on the sales tax end and pay back into the system (which means illegal foreign residents who are not here with proper legal authorization as well as those running illegal enterprises would be paying). It would also eliminate the need for people to hide funds overseas for the most part.. So as I said OWS or whatever you want to call yourselves. If your so serious to root out the corruption and carve outs for corporations it wont change unless we get a President who wants to overhaul the tax system in this country unless and until that changes the cancer that is K Street Lobbyist movement nothing will change at all


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