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Some of You

Really work hard that's all it takes. I have worked since I was sixteen, sometimes two jobs. I put myself thru college bought a house been at the same job for over twenty years. My house is now worth less than when I bought it, I'm still paying my college loans, I've been making less money than 5 years ago. I don't want any welfare or handouts but going backwards financially isn't exactly my dream either. These banks played folly with our American dream of home ownership. Many of the corporations are shipping jobs overseas. The government has given all the bailouts to banks and tax cuts to the corporations. Those at the very bottom and top of the food chain are being helped but middle americans are becoming poorer. Its a mathematical fact! Our economy is consumer driven mostly by the 2/3 middle class who has taken the brunt of this economic fallout. I would think some of you guys could offer more than labeling and name calling to a group that at least is getting off their butts and taking a stand. They are not all hippies and liberals!


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