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Join the military? Why? So I

Join the military? Why? So I can give up all of my Constitutional rights and fight the wars of the ruling rich? The wars that do not improve our freedoms, but have actually greatly limited them... No, thank you.
But, of course, too many people who join the military don't even know what the Constitution says: Sure-- they can tell you they have the "right to bear arms," but when it comes to defending the People's right to freedom of speech... no, thank you, "I'm not a hippie." Such lack of reasoning from anyone who spits that bs. The people who are brazing the brutality of those who swore to defend them are not doing so because of redistribution of wealth or free tuition; they are being pepper-sprayed and beaten and dragged along the streets because they want their voices heard-- it doesn't matter if one of them wants to do away with the capitalist system and the other doesn't. A demonstration is for everyone, and all voices to listened to. No one should take seriously an anti-semitic moron who decided to infiltrate the movement; however (and apparently) some people do, so a man who recognized his stupidity promptly took up a sign with the word "a**hole" written on it and stood next to him. Everyone's voice is represented.
Nowadays, the only way to have political influence, without resorting to bold methods, is to have deep pockets; this legal form of bribery is called "lobbying." Disclaimer: Lobbying is not the same as petitioning. Petitioning can be done by anyone in this country without the need of $$ (without the need of flying out the misrepresentatives to foreign golf courses, etc).
Why join the military without the knowledge of what you're willing to DIE for? A flag that is nothing but a symbol? The Constitution? That piece of paper that has been ignored by the "elected" officials? IGNORED-- you'd know if you understood what the Founding Fathers intended for this country. If you're willing to fight and die-- fight for your neighbor, not for the minute percentage of the population whose greed runs our financial markets; fight for your family, not for the insufficient oil of other nations; die for your PEOPLE, not for the imperialist agendas of the ruling class.
Maybe if you actually spent some time reading BOOKS (from educated people; meaning: Not the likes of Glenn Beck*), instead of playing CoD or whatever other distraction you succumb to while waiting hours for the next time a higher-up tells you what to do your eyes would be open to a much darker reality (like, those with more than enough money, who manage to send the entire nation into a recession, will be given even more from our own pockets: bail-outs, remember?).
Ignorance is bliss.

PS. How's your eyesight? 20/20? Not so great? Need eyeglasses? Want eye repair surgery instead? Guess what? It's available to you through your SOCIALIST form of healthcare -- military healthcare. Bask in the glory of the "terrible" socialist healthcare system.


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