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You have no idea what the

You have no idea what the term "socialism" means. Looking it up on does not do justice to an entire political IDEOLOGY. The people who are demanding a socialist government are few and do not represent the masses of the Occupy movement. You are taking a very small percentage of people within a very large demonstration and making it seem like those are the "leaders" of OWS.
Lastly and most importantly-- f*** the American Dream, right? Because that's what these people, who have a better understanding of the U.S. government than you do, are fighting for; and you're clearly against them.

A great majority of the people who support OWS do not have 401Ks, retirement accounts, stocks, money at all; however, that's not what they are asking for. They aren't asking for bail outs and hedge funds, they are asking for the opportunity to work hard and be responsible CITIZENS (look up, in extent). The opportunity that has been taken away from them, from US, by those corporations who are constantly asking for less regulation and more tax loopholes. Example, one of many: The coal industry's production has increased over 140% within the last 30 years, yet they've eliminated 40,000 jobs. Clearly, regulations have not come in the way of their profit (especially considering that the regulations that kept our mountains what they are were removed by the Bush administration). And clearly, there's no corporate responsibility, no corporate accountability. "Too big to fail" corporations can drive our economy to the sewers and our government will give them more money-- from YOUR paycheck, and everyone's below a certain income level. If you're so afraid of a Socialist system, I can't understand how you can stand our the current political climate.
That you do not know why people are protesting is your own fault. Not theirs. You've chosen ignorance and given into your cognitive dissonance. Many have spoken and written at great extent as to why they are part of the Occupy movement. All you have to do is control your emotions and "Americanism" in order to be able to listen and try to reason instead of judging without knowledge.


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