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My sincere respect and

My sincere respect and gratitude for this Marine Sgt. goes much further than my simple mind can project in an e-mail comment. I can't begin to fully understand his feelings of his great loss during this nations time of war, but I am certain that this Sgt. would never, ever forget his fallen commrades no matter what the object of memorial may be. As a Marine Sgt. myself who had the charge of my own rifle squad, I do understand the bond of your fellow Marines, although mine was not born from a mutual shared experience of combat; it was one of combined years of training, deployments and other stress that only soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines can grasp. The one thing for certain to this Sgt. is that the Marine Corps has it's rules and regs. for whatever reason. These things and many others make our corps what it is today some good some not so good. But for whatever the reason you joined the Marines Im certain the reason still remains and will forever as you have something that nothing or no one can ever take away SGT. your good memorys of your commrades both living and those that have fallen. I respect your feelings, but the corps has it's rules. Thank you for your generous service and sacrifice, may god bless you and may god bless our beloved UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS! SEMPER FI!


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