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I beg your pardon!!

First of all let's get some facts straight.

I DON'T want your money or anything else that I haven't earned during my lifetime. All people who are not wealthy are NOT bums. I have worked hard all my life...since I was 6 years old. I know what it is like to take out two barns of dry tobacco beginning at 2:00 am in the morning and putting in two barns of dry tobacco in the same day. Growing up on a 500 acre farm was hard work. But I do not regret a day of it...the values I learned are much more than any wealth of money that I could have today. I earned a good education and retired after a 30 year career with a banking instiution.

So "Common...whatever your name is" don't talk to me about bums.

I spend a lot of my income on elderly folks in my community, church, and helping whenever I see a need. Guess I could have a little more if I didn't do the "unneccessary" things that I do.

You are right your money is your money and mine is mine. So if you wish to buy a nice big fountain to put in front of your nice big house...have at it!!! As for me, I'll continue to help those in need. Hope to sleep well tonight!!!


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