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Thank you for changing your mind...

...and agreeing that I (and everyone) should be allowed to spend their own money as they (not the governmnet) see fit.

Possibly you can also change your mind about the wealthy being punitively taxed because of their success? After all, we were founded upon the equality of man and have a constitution promising "equal protection of law."

How can we justify taxing Mister Jones at 39% and Mister Smith at 0%....that's equal protection of law....?

How in the world do you even equate increased taxes on the wealthy with charity? You're talking apples and oranges. Taxation is not charity. It's not even forced charity. It's the government taking what is yours under force of law, and in this nation, it's out of control. It fuels an unstoppable spending machine that is driving us into insolvency.

Finally, what makes you think that you have the market cornered on charity? I have no problem at all helping those TRULY in need. I simply believe that charity is MY obligation, and I don't need a third party (the government) making my choices for me. They have a track record of making notoriously bad choices, and nowhere did Jesus appoint Caesar as a go-between - he put the responsibility on us, as individuals.


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