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Military retirement is not an entitlement, it is a contracted obligation based upon twenty or more years of service and incurs a permanent ability to be recalled by the military if needed. As another poster points out, we have a federal court decision that states military retirement pay is irrevocable EARNED income, therefore property in common that can actually be divided during a separation or divorce.

My VA disability payment is deducted from my military retirement and simply given back to me tax free for an injury sustained while on active duty that limits movement in one joint.

But I can see how in your mind, it's absolutely impossible for a person to retire from the military while still young, start a second career eighteen years ago, and then have savings and just can't be done, can it?

BTW, my military retirement pays my mortgage and all my utilities. My rather generous civilian salary goes toward food....and anything my little heart desires. I have put about half (+/-) of my paycheck into savings and investment since 1993.

Brother, can you spare a dime?

(It's SOOOOOOO easy to hate and resent those who manage their finances, eh? So much easier to whine and b**ch like a stuck puppy.)


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