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Here chew on this

1. This fire station is not the station that lowered the rates to a six it was the station located at Lanvale and highway17.
2. The land was donated by the Westport developer he got a big tax break while the town got a piece of property for free, (NOT) there are 110 piles holding up the foundation, why because management never checked with BI to determine if the site was feasible for construction before committing thousands of tax payers dollars to the project.
3. Bill Farris and his crew worked for months on the Lanvale site and proposed to the council an architectural rendition of the second fire station at a Price tag of 1.1 million or more after spending countless hour and resources in development.
4. The council having contacted the BI department rejected the second proposal. And ask why so many resources were spent on trying to build a second fire station ,
5. Bill Farris who was upset then told BI to design specifications for the new building, also put a public works section in and they had roughly 375k to achieve this.
6. The BI department design the specs, coordinated with engineers’ managed the project and brought a PUBLIC WORKS and FIRE SUBSTATION into operation.
7. The addition of the new homes in Brunswick Forest would have driven the Insurance rates up had this not been done.
8. Bill Farris never acknowledged that it was BI who developed a cheap alternative and useful fire station for the Town of Leland.
9. The fire station on 133 also has elaborate large screen TVs a workout area sleeping quarters a Large kitchen area and many extras, also 2 areas that were designed for police and others for Fire and Rescue
10. Had the same common sense been applied at the 133 site that was applied to the Lanvale site the town could have saved 1.7 million Dollars.
11. Now you are building an unnecessary Town Hall. I challenge the citizens to go look at the facilities, you have three employees occupying 1200 square foot building.
12. You have offices unoccupied in the existing building.
13. Their have been over a Half million dollars spent on renovation since Bill Farris was hired there have been relocations and movement of some departments 3 times in 5 years, none of which were feasible or productive all at the expense of tax payers.
Each area that has been annexed impacted the ISO rating, but none required a 2.2 million investment to lower the rates, none required additional, large screen TVs ,or sleeping areas, Full Kitchenette or locker rooms, this is a satellite station none required workout rooms and office space. The large recliners are a real benefit without them and the couches we probably would still be at an 8.

Let me say that the fire department has don a fine job and advised accordingly, they are courageous and mindful of their duties, they provided input but are not responsible for the 2.2 million hole that this elaborate structure cause in the budget. The fire chief explained the rules and the town went overboard period.


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