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Thats why he makes the big bucks

Did an extensive and thorough investigation in secret without any input or influence from the department he was investigating.

I can only image how any and all information was gathered and sorted by his committe or group, they probably focused on complicated linear graphs with integer coeffecients, some sticky notes, few directors voting on the real issues, two particular directors identifying the real problem makers,at seperate moments in MR Bs office and reiforcing it by getting thier staff to agree with them out of fear of retribution.

Or no report ever existed beyond his usual comment of (IM NOT SURE I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING I KNOW) thats what you get for 90,000 a year.

Must have been hard gathering and sorting through all that info and your final analysis is "you would be surprised whats in there".

To coin one of Mr Bs comments "looks like a convenience store worker could do that job", just why is he making the big bucks.

I think its time for the citizens of Leland to ask for a refund..


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