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Maybe the sources are more

Maybe the sources are more afraid of retaliation after all Farris has shown if you speak out he can and will manipulate things to get you gone. Keep sticking up for him and it will happen to you eventually too. The latest and greatest was the Assistant Manager. She recommends firing the chief and then low and behold she is let go for supposedly lying on her application. Come on, does anyone believe this? Exactly how many people have been let go under false pretenses in the last 5 years? Exactly what grudge to you think is out there? Are people upset because they were treated improperly and illegally? Probably, but that doesn't mean it's a grudge. Truth be told there is no one in the Town administration to go to handle anything as Farris has full reign. He only gives certain Council members the truth- and he tries his best not to even speak to the others. Why? Because the reality is he has a lack of respect for the others. He believes they are not very smart. He believes he really only has to keep the dominant one happy. As far as journalist integrity this sounds like a statement from a staff member who is worried that his cushy job might be over. Don't you think it is time to see things for what they really are and quit believing every word that comes out of Farris' mouth or are you so indebted to him you can’t? As far as sensationalism it appears that certain departments are ok with WAAY promoting their hype when it comes to promoting them and being seen by the public in hopes of being noticed for future career goals. Don’t you think we get tired of hearing how great they think they are? Just because they do some program does it really have to be in the news every time. And of course, the ultimate question: if you think it is sensationalism then why do you keep reading and responding to it? PS I noticed that you weren’t willing to publically say who you are. Why not? Do you have a grudge against some of them?


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