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When is the cookout??

You said your next post would include your full name and an invite to your cookout! However, you posted the next day with more unfounded lies... But no invite to your cookout?? Where is all this proof?? Can't have an assault without a vicim... Who is the victim? The people of Leland would like to know!!! Provide us proof of any of these allegations. I have not seen anyone providing any proof or real witnesses. We all are aware that WWAY continues to call the fab four for information... Holman, Foss, Edwards and Clarke. WWAY can I file a public information subpoena to find out who is spreading these lies? WWAY I have never seen a news organization go after so many people with no proof of guilt. I hate to say this but I really feel bad for Brian Berger, Councilman Barnes, Senate Boseman, Senate Soles, DA Jon David and the whole LAPD... Because we know the truth about LAPD now I question all the "only on 3" news you reported about these people and I'm sorry to say at one time I believed your news report. I will never trust anything I hear or read on WWAY again. I understand your organization has had to cut back on real journalist but your interns or the ones you are doubling as news anchor/ grip/ stylist/ janitor need some direction on getting to the real truth. It is rather amusing no other news outlet is reporting this non- sense. Why report on the same stories over and over? Kblue has a real hard on for these three men. It is rather creepy!!


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