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Pay him off Mr. DA

If the DA would pay the sheriff of or help him throw a few cases he would love the DA. That is how it is played in Columbus County. Ring ring, "Hello" "Hi this is Mr. Lawyer." "Oh I was waiting for your call." "The trial's tomorrow at 9:30." "Yep, I see, do you have my fee?" "Yes I do or I could represent your cousin in her divorce for nothing." "Nope, times are hard, she's on her own." "I see I was only thinking about the barter system, times are hard." "My officer will be sick for the $5,000 we spoke of and he will not show again." "I'm sending it on over."
Next day: Prosecuting witness does not show and the judge dismisses the case. The DWI offender, a local business owner and a supporter of certain campaigns-walks. Now that's real justice, Columbus County style.


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