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To Yeah Yeah everybody knows

Do you not think that those counties you write of started out someplace else? The Feds did not just walk in and haul those sheriffs away. It takes time my Bladen friend. But how do you address the lies that the sheriff has told? What about the settlement that the taxpayers had to kick out while the sheriff had to issue a public apology? How do you explain that? This new DA is "new" and not part of the same old system as the sheriff. So it might take this new DA awhile to get to work, that is, is all of the judicial attacks will die down. The thugs in the 3 county districts really know how to use their positions to tie up time and energy and they seem to do a good job at creating fires elsewhere. You obviously have no problem with putting someone in office and leaving them forever. it is a matter of public record that the sheriff has lied to the public. At the very least, how can he remain an effective player in the justice system? I have named a direct case that you can prove or disprove (i.e. Marva Scott issue.) Now, name me one single specific case to which you refer above. Just saying...


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