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aint over til the fat lady sings

I would not be too cocky friend. Just because they have not got Batten does not mean they are not working on it. It took them nearly 20 years to get Sheriff Hewett while Batten has only been around for less than 10 years. Sheriff Maynor was in office for nearly 15 years before they arrested him and Sheriff Hegee was in for nearly 20 years before they hauled him away. One more for you; even though Columbus County Sheriff bill Rhodes was tried and convicted the first time, folks still called him a good and honest sheriff. That was until the Feds came back. So you never know. I voted for Batten but have since learned what he actually stands for. Anyone, you, me or my mom-if they have a problem with changing their stories, telling falsehoods etc, something is wrong. Batten has had problems his entire time in office, just look and see. And no sir, I am no criminal. I am a concerned taxpayer that loves my county and values honesty and integrity. I believe in God and the Ten Commandments. Batten should come clean and ask for forgiveness then resign.


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