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Give credit where credit is due

Mark Cartret and Jon David are not from here or at least Jon David is not. Cartret only moved back after college. My point is this; The folks that have done so much against the corruption like Dial Grey, Jim Maston and Joanne Garrell have worked tirelessly for the last 20 plus years trying to expose this corruption. Now Jon David and Mark Cartret and Triston Patterson come along and wham. Everybody stops and gives them the credit. What have they done besides run around giving press conferences and making the county look far worse than it has in the past. All of thei media is not good. I think these guys live in their san pelligrino world and are mad because they want to take over. David and Cartret are wealthy rulers that will swing the other way. All of the politicians are bad for our area and after 2 terms they should be gone. If the crooks that are in power go away, we will see more crooks. That's just the way it is. Look at history. Most of us can hardly pay our gas bill while ALL of these guys have nice homes away from here. They leave their offices to go home to their gated communities and do not even think of the rest of us. I do thank Mr. Davis and the others for working against this corruption but they only came in at the right time. so Mr. Davis after two terms and before you become like all these judges and the sheriff and county commissioners, please step down or run for another office.


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