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Leave Russ family along

They are thick as honey Edwin and Chris. Whoever you are you do not know Edwin or his family. They have sacrificed much so that Columbus citizens could have better government. You should be ashamed talking about Edwin and Chris. That commissioners job pays no money and it is not wrong if Edwin holds other jobs. He works a bunch for charity too so what of it? You want to take him away from helping people too? He works all of the time and never gets to see his family. This site should be shut down and if Chris finds out who you all are slandering Edwin and his daughter you will go to jail and never get out. Now tell me what you think of that? Hogwash and baloney is all this is and meant to hurt some good people. Most people in Columbus County cant read or right and some cannot even tie their shoes. Edwin sacrifices so much for these poor folks and you should be ashamed. But I will tell you this. He is done nothing wrong and he will be in office until he decides to retire or go meet our lord. It is up to him and not you you red neck Columbus County back woods hicks that complain. If you do not like the Russ family then you can move away. We are hear to stay. Merry Christmas to all. WWAY should be ashamed and only reports garbage and all but about 5 people even watch that trash station.


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