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The Infamous Sheriff Batten strikes again

WWAY you usually report better news. Did you not know about Sheriff Batten's reputation before you asked him to comment? To have him comment on Jon David's credibility is like asking the President of Iran, who denies the Holocaust, to comment on building a better Israel. Sheriff Batten has no merit. He has told so many lies and proven that law enforcement can go down the tubes while being bought. He enforces only laws broken against his supporters and friends. He is of the same caliber of the former DA, Rex Gore. He covers up crimes committed by a few of his deputies or at least the ones connected to or kin to his family or his wife's family. He conducts personal investigations, breaks into homes without court orders (and the DSS building). He uses his weight and his office to bully others around. He is a tool of the Columbus County good old boys and he plays that part well. He is no one to comment on an honest politician. Funny. Thanks for the laugh WWAY. Now let’s get on to some real news.


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