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passing thru

I happened through that little corner of the world. We were doing vacation and headed to Myrtle Beach. Met this sheriff by happen stance. Seems he had a road check. As an attorney and while waiting in line for my family's turn, I watched in awe as this big beastly looking man talked down to others. He even made kids and old folks "step to the rear NOW!" When it was our turn I was questioned on my New Hampshire plates. Why was I this far away from home? Had I ever been arrested for drugs? To which I replied, No criminal record as I am an attorney. The big man replied, "Makes no difference, I have put away many attorneys- step to the rear!" I then asked for a supervisor. All of the other officers began to laugh. I am the big dog the big guy claimed. He then told us to have a nice day and handed me a card. It was Sheriff Chris Batten. I later contacted the office of the district attorney. A young lady on the phone told me that she wasn't surprised of my story and claimed that she had many more calls on the sheriff. I emphatically stated that I would file a complaint or a suit but I wanted to make a statement otherwise. Days later I received a call from Rex Gore who said he was the district attorney in charge. He was kind and nice and apologetic but claimed that the sheriff was under a lot of stress. he went on to say that the sheriff had done a great job and spoke highly of him. I replied that many thought Fidel Castro was a fine person as well. However a sheriff should not go around violating civil liberties and harassing citizens. The conversation went nowhere. I was later contacted by the county attorney named Fowler and received somewhat of an apolology with a promise that the sheriff would receive a "talking to." I later learned that the county attorney, Steven Fowler, was also let go. So I am not surprised to read that the district attorney was thrown out. Neither do these comments on Sheriff Batten surprise me. He like the former district attorney should go. Rights are nothing to play with. Looks like this new district attorney is causing a stir in the good sheriff's camp. Good. a Internet search shows many complaints against the sheriff and also shows that one of his men, Danny Duncan was sent to federal prison for violating rights. Again, am I surprised? Not one bit. The media should be commended for allowing comments. It should also investigate Sheriff Batten and his operating practices. Just might find something there.


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