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Batten is another slug down there

Some things have remained the same in Columbus County. There, you see, are two powerful and corrupt political machines. One is ran by Mitch Tyler and the other is controlled by Dennis Worley. These captains of crime have their schemes down to a science and make the Cosa Nostra look like a kindergarten. Nearly ALL judges are connected and a few powerful law firms have benefited by thrown criminal and civil cases, rigged juries, fraudulent land deals and you can just about name it. Political activists have been organized to man the poles while voters (some who cannot read) are ferried to the polls on Election Day. From a ten dollar bill to promises of appointments to committees and jobs, these Columbus County power brokers use any tool available. Sadly Old Lady Justice is a criminal in Columbus County and the courthouse has become another platform for a power base. More cases have been decided at 9 p.m. on a Friday and in a bar room or on a golf course than from the bench and in a court room. A few bankers and attorneys like Jeff Etheridge, Rhone Sasser, Dennis Worley, RC Soles, Jim Hill, and ex-judge Bill Gore have disgraced politics and the law practice field. They even went so far as to solicit, endorse and now own Senator Bill Rabon. Never mind Rabon was with another political party, they sensed the need for change-and they turned their hats around and gave it! I can understand why they would not want the likes of a DA who is not from this area hanging around. So what did they do? RC Soles first tried to divide the district and further isolate the power grid. When the press caught on and it was made public that the corrupt Rex Gore might be reappointed to a newly-formed prosecutorial district (just like Rhone Sasser had RC do with the judicial district for his son Doug Sasser), the people became angry(and reached out to the lawmakers) and the idea quickly went away. The plan now appears to be to go after the new DA's reputation or at the very least to tie him up in litigation, while draining his resources. I believe it is called Columbus County character assassination. Next thing they will do is forge or alter some documents against the DA or send a nice looking lady into the DA's office and claim some sexual harassment lie. These men in Columbus County will do anything to maintain power and quench their greedy appetite. Roy Cooper has allowed it to foster into a major enterprise this Columbus County corruption. The next governor and attorney general should be made aware of how bad things have become and should appoint a special prosecutor to look into Operation Soccer, the six schools which have burned and the seven stores Rep. Dewey Hill has had to burn. Accordingly the vote buying and graveyard votes should be looked further into.


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