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What about the innocent people

I'm certain most of these animal lovers are also the first ones to scream "but think of the children" every time someone wants to build a cement plant. Well, what about those children if a mountian lion or grizzly bear wondered out into a playground? How about thinking of the officers who had to risk their safety, or more so, their families that might be left with a dead or disabled parent because being PC to satisy your sensibilities was more important than being prudent? You've seen too many TV shows where the character takes a shot to the butt and is passed out before the laugh track is over. They don't work that way at all. You think a Bengal tiger is going to wait around to be shot at twice cause it shook the first dart off? Let me ask you, if you're out at dusk, wandering around the woods with wild predators that would kill you, would you rather have a tranquilizer gun or a rifle?


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