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capitalism OK, not corporatism.

Did you not see the girl who crocheted her own outerwear? She was there, and she also grows some of her food that she can afford the time to tend to, as she works 2 jobs. She also got there late because she didn't get off work until 5. There was also a teacher there, who uses her own resourses to assist her students. We aren't fighing capitalism, we're fighting to get true capitalism back. Once the corporations and banks are held accountable and punished for their unregulated finacial escapades, then we may find some hope and renewed faith in our government. Until then, we will continue to complain, because we still live in a democracy, right? We are still allowed to tell the government when they've done something wrong. We are allowed to QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT when we doubt them, because it is our right as Americans. Or am I wrong here? Should I just follow what everyone else tells me because here in the dark ages we should never question authority even if it's causing my fellow brother and sister and my own mother pain?


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