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Occupy Wilmington

Hey Taxpayer, I'm a taxpayer too and I have had a job since I was 14. I'm also not a "kid" I'm almost 50. You have NO IDEA what this movement is about. Perhaps if listened to some other news source than Fox news you would know. The main point of the movement is to reduce the influence of large corp. and large investment banks on our goverment. If that is communism than I guess I'm a communist but I think if you believe that you need to look up the definition of communism. As to Glass/Steagall, it was a bill enacted after the financial crash of 1929 that prevented investment banks like JP Morgan and Commercial Banks merging their operations. It was to prevent "to big to fail". It was repealed in 1999 by an bill brought up by Republican Lawmakers Phil Gramm and Jim Leach. Wonder if you knew that.


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