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Freedom of speech is one thing, screaming profanities at childre

You who were at Oleander and South College are rude, selfish, disrespectful ingrates.
What point did it serve, what good was created, and whom did it benefit for the college age female at 6:04pm standing at the corner across from CVS at the edge of the Toys-R-Us parking lot, which I had just left with my three year old daughter and five year old son to stand outside my car window where both of my young children watched in horror and began crying as you screamed “FU#@ THE GOVERNMENT!!”? How did that benefit society? How did that benefit my children?
I have been out of work for month, and have been out in the real world killing myself. Today I finally have enough money to go and spend five dollars on my two young children and feel good for once to see smiles because I had bought something as a treat just you have you screaming vulgarities and ruining their short lived happiness.
Instead of you people going out there and doing something about it or displaying peaceful compassion and standing united, you are acting like a bunch of banjo picking, deliverance walking uneducated huckleberry chuck idiots going around screaming profanities thus proving that you are most likely uneducated and that is probably why you are screaming and cussing on the side of the road with a cardboard sign actually convincing yourself it is ok to yell vulgarities in front of children and scare them half to death.
The actions and attitudes of these so-called protests prove two things….
1)the more angry, defiant, ugly, abusive and vulgar you become… The more it shows the rest of us that your cause has no merit or meaning.
2)The reason you don’t have a J-O-B is because, what business owner in their right mind would hire someone they saw screaming profanities to children, while holding a cardboard sign upside down at an intersection, acting like a complete uneducated fool? Let me give you a hint… NO ONE….
So thanks for ruining my children’s first treat in months by scaring them half to death and you have now officially convince me that the only thing your cause stands for is pure selfish points of self-gain…
And as you continue little girl, to go around and keep scaring children, and continue to make us all believe that there is “no cause” but only social rebels, anarchists and outcasts as you go around screaming “Fu&( the government!” … The rest of us will continue to drive past feeling sorry for you all while thinking to ourselves… F%(@ You….
Your actions tonight, made me feel much better about who I am as a person and what I do for my family… While you all sit out disrupting everyone’s way of live and chanting and screaming.. Those of us who do care about our fellow American’s are out finding work albeit odd jobs, here and there… At least we are trying..
By the way.. Screaming vulgarities in front of children does not help your cause… It only amplifies how stupid what you are doing is… However if this rant to you is unjustified because you are mentally handicapped… please in advance accept my humble apologies an I hope your guardian sees this so they can keep a better watch over you…


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