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It was "distributed" to the wealthy?

Exactly how was wealth distributed to the wealthy? Those people entering DSS to sign up for direct cash benefits aren't the wealthy, Brian.

Like too many people, you have a micro view in a macro world. Trickle-down economics works quite well, but because of global trade, it is diluted across the globe. The average wage of a factory worker in China has climbed so high that some companies are now moving production from China to lower paying countries, such as India and Lesotho. I recently purchased additional stock in Caterpillar, which is helping them build new production facilities that will be located in China. My money is improving life for a Chinese family. When I invest in a company with domestic operations, such as Progress Energy, it will help pay for new jobs building the power plants they have on the drawing board.

Our current economy is not due to some evil conspiracy by Wall Street or Washington, though many individual issues can be lain on Washington's doorstep. It is primarily the result of Economic evolution, the fact that I can now place an order from a company in Malaysia as fast as I can from a company in California, get it just as quickly, and at a far cheaper price. Fifty years ago we had Railway Express and UPS (ground only), not FedEx. We used telephones with dials on them, not computers connected to the Internet. You didn't order from Malaysia because it could take hours to set up the call, and the call would cost you thirty-dollars.

I find it astounding that the OWS crowd owns and uses iPhones, Androids, PCs, they download music, they cruise the web, but they cannot comprehend the advantage that such rapid technology gives to corporate America, especially the banking industry. A currency trader for Morgan Stanley can execute two trades over a matter of minutes and make millions of dollars for them.

As opposed to most of my conservative friends, I don't see prosperity being just around the corner, regardless of who we elect. The world that you and your OWS buddies picture is gone. It is dead, and can't be brought back through punitive taxation of the successful and the redistribution of wealth. We have too many people vying for too few jobs, and until American workers agree to markedly lower wages and a lower standard of living than they are used to, those jobs aren't coming back home. Taking money from the wealthy will simply mean even fewer jobs, and what happens when even they have nothing more to give? It's the epitome of the old adage about giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish. What happens when you take all the fish away from those who have them?

The key is learning to prosper in the world as it exists today, and not waste time raging against the machine as the Luddites did.


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