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can say that I am comfortable making what I make with the work I do...if I want more..I WORK's fairly it is in its simplest form...

Money = Energy...Energy represents ALL of those things you are unwilling to do to survive. It means you PAY for someone else to expend their energy so you don't have to. Energy in this example is your doctor, your medicine, your food, etc. Back in the 50's and 60's...people didn't need more money because they did more things for themselves..bottom want to sit on your rear end..YOU NEED MONEY...corporations are just supplying energy, THEIR ENERGY, to do the things you cannot and will not do for yoursef....if you don't need what they offer...DON'T BUY and they go away! You are on a computer to access this OBVIOUSLY don't believe what you say!

"social justice, economic justice" = SOCIALISM..of which I will FIGHT YOU TO MY DYING BREATH TO STOP!


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