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Occupy This

So the computer that you used to type your comment on...did you build it yourself from scratch? How about overbloated bandwidth service subscriptions that timewarner, comcast, and at&t provides without giving you a low cost minimum bandwidth option to choose from that isn't part of a sales gimmic that only lasts for one year. Taxes have been cut for them and their prices keep going up because they're spending your money on lobbying congress for a tax holiday on tax deffered profits that were transferred to offshore subsidiaries that serve no other purpose but for tax evasion. North Carolina republicans blocked an attempt in the spring that the people of the town of Wilson made at providing their own ISP so they wouldn't have to depend on the corporate masters for it. Small government my a$$. You are giving socialism a good name the more you argue your point. I'm glad that you didn't say economic equality is socialism like most of the media is training people to think. It is about justice not equality.


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