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Bank of America tried to steal my house. They took over our mortgage when Countrywide Financial went bust. We were trying to get our mortgage re-negotiated so we could pay a lower interest rate. They put us in something they call "forbearance", and said we didn't have to make any mortgage payments as long as we were in forbearance. I made the payments anyway, but BoA sat on our case for more than six months, not making any decision one way or the other. We finally got our mortgage re-negotiated through another lender. I have heard since that time that Bank of America was foreclosing on people whose houses were in forbearance, even after they told the mortgagees that they didn't have to make any payments during that time. The bank deliberately tried to trick us into not making our payments so that they could steal our house from us.

A cynical person might say that anyone who trusts what the bank says deserves to have their house taken. But that's the problem. A bank is an entity that we should be able to trust, because we give them our hard-earned money to keep safe for us while it is deposited with them. If a bank can't be trusted, it shouldn't exist.


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