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I've been watching the

I've been watching the Occupy movement since the day it started, and also the criticisms. It appears to me that everybody is missing the point. Corporations (large and small) are products of government. They could not exist without a government charter. Corporations as we know them in America today did not exist before the Civil War. The owners (shareholders) enjoy limited liability, while the corporation enjoys "person" status. It is a person with no soul to save and no body to incarcerate. When a corporation breaks the law, is caught, prosecuted, and found guilty, it pays a fine. The fine is usually a tiny percentage of the annual income of the corporation. While it hurts profits, it is not the same as the threat of going to jail, or the thought of answering to a Higher Power for its misdeeds. I have owned businesses, as have many of my closest friends. We have owned sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Large corporations enjoy distinct advantages that small businesses, especially sole proprietorships, do not. From experience I know that many of these advantages create an unlevel playing field, and corrupt free enterprise and capitalism. Essentially, government allows large corporations to exist and corrupt the market system. They do this because it allows for double taxation, increasing government revenues. I appreciate what the Occupy movement is trying to do. In my humble opinion, the Occupy movement should concentrate on eliminating the power of government to grant corporate charters. This will force individuals to take personal responsibility for their actions in business, and prevent them from being able to hide behind the "corporate veil".


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