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First, you are wrong....second your idea is nonsense

Corporate officers can be indicted, prosecuted, and imprisoned when criminal intent can be proven. This is especially true in environmental law, though it is not restricted to only that area. Ever heard of Bernie Ebbers? Donald Spencer? They're just two of many corporate officers who went to prison for the misconduct of their companies, the former for knowingly falsifying the books, the latter for improper and fraudulent disposal of oil.

The notion of no corporate charters may be the silliest proposal I've heard yet from an OWS supporter. You act as if multi-billion dollar corporations incorporate AS multi-billion dollar corporations. Perhaps you need to go back to school and study exactly WHY C corporations are created.

When Apple was incorporated they were still working out of Steve Jobs' garage. They're now worth $365 billion.

Ford incorporated in 1903 with $28,000 from twelve investors, several of them Ford's own employees. They're now worth $47 billion.

Phillips Petroleum (now part of Conoco-Phillips) incororated in 1917 with only $3 million and two dozen employees. They're now worth $99 billion.

I doubt that any of them would be where they are now as a sole proprietorship or S Corporation.

It sounds that like the majority of OWS people, you simply resent success and the power that multi-billion dollar corporations command simply because of their valuation.


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