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Missing The Point

First, your comments about unemployment, you only receive that from a previous employer. You don't just get unemployment if you don't have a job or can't find one. Maybe you're thinking of welfare? Also, there is no free health care with Medicare or Medicaid, unless, again, you're on welfare. Also, free retirement? Social Security is far from free, only working people that contribute to their own social security are able to get any money back when they retire. Plus, most of the "Occupy" people are in their early to mid twenties, which means that, unless something changes, Social Security benefits will be all dried up and they will be left with nothing. For you to not know the above leads me to believe you've never worked for anything in your life, you've just been given a free ride.

As for the idiots, I believe you're missing the point. Occupy isn't about getting free money or for the government to pay off loans or their houses. It's about corporations running the country. The U.S. is supposed to be a democracy, but we can't even vote for our president. Ever hear of electoral colleges? Here's a link:

"If you don't like your financial situation; it's America people YOU can change it."
What do you think they're trying to do? They're protesting like people did all throughout history to make changes. There was once a time when black people weren't considered citizens, protesting changed that. There was a time when women were treated as second rate citizens, protesting has changed that. There was once a time when the British government was taxing people in the United States, and there was a huge protest ( Boston Tea Party ) that started the changes ( it ended in a war that the U.S. won ) ). Protesting is how change comes about. They are trying to make change.

Now, that being said, what I don't understand is how are these people protesting giant corporations, then using computers, laptops, cellphones and other technology made by these giant corporations they're protesting against? I also saw pictures of a guy at one of the protests that was wearing a $300 pair of pants. Why are they using social media sites, such as Facebook, another multi-billion dollar company? They are very hypocritical and it's hard to take them seriously.


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