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There's a wonderful book you should read

It's called "Understanding Wall Street (5th Ed)" by Little and Rhodes.

The statement that "everybody else in society assumes the risk when they fail" is pure, over-the-top hyperbole. What about the shareholders, who lose all their investment? How about the bondholders, who often get pennies back on the dollar? Do you even know why common shareholders get an apology and bondholders may get something back?

You act as if we've spent 150 years bailing out corporation after corporation. Large corporations fail regularly and the government simply watches thenm die, come back as a ghost of what they once were, or merge when another company picks up the pieces at the fire sale: Penn Central? Montgomery Ward? TWA? United Fruit?

However, your description of risk is very close to accurate if we applied it to two formerly traded stocks: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They were intentionally structured to give all benefit to shareholders while posing the highest risk to taxpayers BY WASHINGTON! Washington invented them! They were Frankenstein corporations established to assist in home ownership, and like everything else Washington does, were quickly bastardized by politicians who saw the potential for buying votes.

Do not underestimate the role played by Fannie mae and Freddie Mac in the 2008 collpase. The only reason that the credit rating agencies were rating pure crap as AAA bonds was because there was an implicit guarantee that the government (via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)was standing behind those bonds.

It seems that OWS people know HALF the story, and run on emotion more than fact. You'd all increase your credibility if you'd go back to school and take a few classes in Economics and History.


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