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HALF the story?

Perhaps you should mention the part of the story about how former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (during 2008) was also a former CEO of Goldman Sachs, during the time when Goldman was packaging subprime mortgages and selling them as AAA-rated securities to unwary investors (including pension funds) while simultaneously buying investments for themselves that were based on making big returns in the event of failure of the very products they were selling to their clients.
What school are you talking about that you would like me to go back to? I have attended five institutions of higher education (including the University of Tennessee and Auburn University), hold multiple degrees including a Ph.D., have taken a great many courses at both the undergrad and graduate levels in history, business, and economics, and none of this was covered in any of them. Universities teach about legitimate business practices. I learned what I know about these topics in the school of hard knocks, running businesses on Main Street.


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