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You don't seem to understand

You don't seem to understand the importance of what I am saying. They tried to TRICK us into not making our payments. They DIDN'T WANT us to make our payments. They even made it as difficult as they could for me to make the payments by blocking me from using our online account, forcing me to make my payments at one of their branches (I never pay by mail, because my payment could get lost and I would have no record of it). What they wanted to do was steal our house from us so they could double dip on the guaranteed payment from Fannie Mae, and also the proceeds from the sale of our house. They were fraudulently trying to take our house so they could make a profit off of the foreclosure.

They fraudulently foreclosed on people who never even owed them any money in the first place, on people who had never even had a mortgage, but had paid cash for their homes, and they even fraudulently foreclosed on some of our military men and women who were at the time serving overseas, which is against the law. The Bank of America is a criminal organization.


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