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I agree that our culture is

I agree that our culture is turning into a welfare state. Everyone expects something for nothing. Way too many people expect the government to take care of them in one way or another. All governement programs such as unemployment,welfare,food stamps,medicare,medicaid,SSI,public schools,FHA,Freddie Mac,and Fannie Mae are costing us tax payers in one way or another. Some people truly need these services but many people just take them because they don't want to work. All these programs are broke yet they won't fix them. Occupy isn't about "changing the system" it's about asking for more handouts. They may have one point regarding the 99%. They want 1% to be the producers while 99% become the parasites......Take,take,take with nothing in return. Go home occupy losers and enjoy the life the rest of us are paying for.


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