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Nothing will change

Nothing will change until the people of these communities decide to respect themselves and others. If someone knows what happen, they have a moral and legal obligation to come forward to tell what they know. But they won't for several reasons:

(1) fear;
(2) planning on retaliation;
(3) don't give a rip on what goes on

These cycles will continue until enough stand up and say STOP! You have to be willing to be the one that starts the process and rids these communities of the drug dealers, prostitutes and gang members.

As far as I am concerned, any known gang member (and that is easy to determine most of the time, because they are stupid enough to wear the signs) that commits any crime whatsoever, should be put in the jail house and kept there. They are insidious, dirty little roaches that are invading communities and law enforcement and judges need to work together to put a stop to them. What good does it do when police work to get them off the street and some idiot judge puts them back on it before the paperwork is even dry.

Many cities are coming down hard on the gangs - that is why the hood rats are showing up in smaller towns - they are being run out of the larger cities. People are fed up!!!!!!!!!


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