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It reeks

Man, talk about inside politics. Congratulations Leland. If you thought is was bad before just wait. Leland is definitely going backwards. Old Leland prevails, so now Leland will keep doing the same stuff they have always done and Leland will have the same junk it has always had. Mr. Hollis may be a nice man but what administrative qualifications does he have? How many towns has he operated? Does he know the laws that govern a Town Manager? Didn’t he leave the town’s planning board once some time ago? Bozeman, is he aware of your the back room games? You might have assured him how things will be but everyone knows that will change as the double sidedness continues. Is he aware that the deals you, Futch and Battlelman have made will have ramifications? Time will tell………….What did you do, tell him how everything was Farris’s fault, although a lot of things that have occurred were because he was forced by you to do certain things. Someone obviously wanted highly qualified administrative persons gone and it just might not have been Farris. Battleman and Bozeman may think they can’t be held for discrimination but guess what, if they had any part in any inappropriate personnel dealings they in fact are culpable. In fact it may be illegal to add applicants after an advertised cut off date and during the interview process unless there is a readvertisement so that all possible candidates can be given a chance to apply. If it is not illegal is has at least got to be unethical and it reeks.

Maybe you told Hollis that the town desperately needed him because he understands the town. Remember, everything done in the dark eventually comes to the light. Just because he is local doesn’t mean he can handle it. Is he aware that he will now be your fall guy? That he will be asked to do things he will internally question. Prediction-he will only stay a year, if that long. Politics will eat him up and he will go out the door. Or maybe the state, the justice department, the feds, whoever can make a difference will step in and investigate all illegal discriminatory hiring/firing practices and other discriminatory activities. Power, Ignorance and Corruption destroy. Some one needs to start a write in campaign!!!!!! Is there anyone in Leland with scruples?


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