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JC and the LPD

You mentioned JC, and others fired for alledged rumors, you cost a man his career just because you upperdiups maybe did not like the way he did things. I know that young man. A former marine who served our country and would do anything for his friends,neighbors,country, and you did your best to ruin his reputation and his life, all because your gang of 4 decided you could do it....and you did. Ruin the life of a fine young man by destroying his career. And as far as JC is concerned, any MAN who fights for his country, whether on home soil or foreign soil, if he comes back with any type of possible nerve condition or trauma from what he has been through, for GOD sake, get the man some type of help and not go and fire him because he has come back to the USA, possibly suffering from some type of PTSD. People can be helped. These are todays veterans,,,not vietnam vets, who incidentally were done terribly wrong. Be up and front with him, and show some compassion for veterans. REMEMBER...WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and to the 4BULLIES of the cannot get yours soon enough....


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