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Blasingame and Lt.'s Kozak and Dellapia

As a cop in a neighboring agency, I have personally witnessed JC Blasingame in action. As have a lot of people. Laws are being broken each and every day within the Leland Police Department. Why is Blasingame still a cop for the Leland PD? Why are Lt. Bill Kozak and Lt. Rick Dellapia, Blasingame's supervisor not also terminated? They allow this behavior. You can't pull a pistol on your fellow officers, you raging idiot. If that behavior is acceptable within the police department, what behavior is acceptable on the streets, with citizens? Do you rough them up, too? If you have low ranking officers like Sgt. Michael Landen and John Blasingame ruling the police department, why pay the high salaries for the people above them: Tim Jayne, Chief, Karl Smith, Deputy Chief, and Lieutenants Bill Kozak and Rick Dellapia.

You say a man went to war and come back crazy and we should all just ignore the insanity and let him remain a cop. What about disability? I'm sure he qualifies, the man continually pulls guns on people! Why do you think this crazy cop deserves a job and the so commonly mentioned "disgruntled former employees" don't? I'd say I would be pretty disgruntled too if people who assaulted fellow officers, assaulted citizens, tried to bribe people with higher ranks to shut their mouths (another theft with taxpayers money), has sex with prostitutes, has sex with informants, has sex with girls to get out of tickets, the list is endless, they still have jobs.

New town manager, you have some serious work to do. Good luck to you. Just remember the citizens and the few good people you have working for you, needs you to do the right thing!


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