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Has nothing to do with it!

Your comment on JC and his military career has nothing to do with him pointing his duty weapon at the chest of one officer and the head of another. The last guy that even came close to pulling his weapon out was terminated on the spot. Then why not JC? No one is questioning his military service or that he even has PTSS. The basic rules to gun handling is that one never, never points a weapon whether loaded or unloaded at anyone without just cause to protect their life or the life of another person! Any third grader would know not to do that! These childish behaviors cannot be tolerated! It is what it is! These are not rumors or accusations! There are eye witnesses and they have come forward and even interviewed. It is amazing that shortly that the day after Jain signed the letter to the SBI the very next day they find out the allegations, victims and witnesses. How well did they do their jobs? It seems to me that they knew way before and they got caught again with their pants down around their ankles. Maybe while they are down there pulling up their pants they need to kiss their butts goodbye. One can only hope and pray!

P.S. There is no such thing as a former Marine only Marines! Once a Marine always a Marine. Show some respect yourself!


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