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To The Edge of Forest

You need to be jailed. You mental case. We are sick of you. You try to destroy people for your own selfish reasons. You think you have got the 5-0 in your hip pocket, don't you? Get a job and stop living off the government. What are you getting disability for? Oh, I know, being stupid----you are getting a stupid check, living in your stupid low income apartment, sticking your stupid nose in everyone's business, telling your stupid lies on people. Didn't you have RC as an attorney? You are a spiteful, vendictive, miserable, deceitful, viscous, want-a-be politician. You had rather climb a telephone pole and tell a lie than stand flat foot on the ground and tell the truth. YOU are a menace to society. How many trips did you make to the DMV, years ago? How many times have you chased a certain individual around at the state line bar, years ago? Your own family is sick of you. You just want everyone in prison, to avenge your nephew (who was in prison). You dont know what you are, Democrat or Republican, do you? One day you are praising the Lord and quoting scripture and the next day your are telling stupid lies. You have destroyed a church, to the point there are only 2 members,you and guess who. You know about witness tampering, don't you? You take up for police officer's who break the law and use their badge to hurt others. Maybe you need a monthly shot of Haldol to level you out--------please seek psychological help!!!! Or just stay stupid!!! You may have some others fooled, but you don't have me fooled, you and your bill of nothings. You think you are always right, I bet even numbering the votes was right,too? Leave my family alone or next time, what I have to say is not going to be so nice.


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