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SBI will not be investigating

I dont know why everybody suddenly forgot that the FEDS aka FBI are investigating the Leland PD for corruption, misconduct and other issues as such the SBI backed down on any investigation so as not to interfere with a federal investigation. To me I was glad to hear the FBI was involved because while I generally think the Feds stick their noses in where it doesnt belong more often the not in this case its a necessity to avoid any persception of favoritism or any chance that the SBI would be 'bought' off. We all know the SBI has for years failed to take appropriate action against RC Soles as well as Rex Gore and their corrupt little political group (still surprised they got Easley to be honest he musta run outta bribe money). The Feds doing this will make sure that its unbiased and that in no way was the investigation tainted by any possibility of conflict of interest (such as apparently exists with the current DA John David {His lack of action has honestly seriously disappointed me}) The Feds dont play around and Ive seen cases both here in NC as well as Virginia where it was a Federal Investigation is what it took to bring the crooked cops down. (Some noted cases are those such as the Sheriff in Avery Co NC in the mtns who was proved to being bribed and tipping Meth lab and other felony drug operations {When 2 neighboring counties have sky high bust numbers and you only have a small handful it looks VERY SUSPICIOUS}}. Another is the Sheriff of Henry Co VA (best known as the County where Martinsville Speedway is, who along with several of his higher ups were found guilty of stealing money from busts as well as firearms that had been seized in drug operations. If its one thing the FBI does well and proper its being the ultimate Internal Affairs Agency as the law enforcement arm of the Justice Dept, crooked LEOs best beware of the G-Men.

On a side note as much ill will and bad publicity that has been garnered lately in Leland especially over the Police and the Police Chiefs actions why Tim Jayne hasnt either resigned, been asked to resign or fired is beyond me other then he has a load of dirt hes blackmailing people with because honestly any honorable head of an agency that has had such disruptive press and loss of faith by the people it serves the right thing would be to step down because whether Chief Tim Jayne likes it or not the buck stops with him. He is the face and the head of the agency and in this case instead of crap rolling down hill it rolls uphill right into his lap


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